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With our space, we wish to reignite that candle inside you, which you may not have tended to since childhood. Awaken that child. Paint, however unskilled you might judge yourself as. Paint, despite all those voices telling you not to. Paint. Choose a colour, stroke. So simple. Be playful. Get in the flow. Allow yourself to be in the moment.


With our Collective Mural concept which we materialise in music festivals, we bring people together, with a common goal, to colour in the canvas. We provide a hand-painted linear design, giving a unified cohesive structure on which everybody can play.  It is a constantly evolving project, as more and more hands do their part, layers upon layers, and the canvas really becomes alive as the sun goes down and the space is saturated with the surreal glow of the UV light.

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We want to collaborate with others to grow this space.

‘Painting’ by Alex Grey

We create this space not only as a fun painting, but with a deeper role for healing. It’s a safe haven. This space can be a point of focus. It’s a great therapy to plug into the meditative symbolic work of painting. This is a space for introspection, alongside each other. Alone, together. To feel part of a greater whole, by working on this collective mural that transcends divisions and words. To take a moment to breathe, find solace in the brushstrokes. Revive the soul. Connect. Restore energy.