About us

Ahem, it’s a long story…. Before we met, we were both travelers who left our homelands in search of the philosophers stone, or something like it…  Tun had a solid ground in painting, sharing genetics with ‘schilderers’ of the Netherlands, growing up surrounded by established painters, sculptors and creatives, in Leiden, the town of Rembrandt and countless museums. Endowed with history and dripping with oil paint and turpentine, it’s in his blood so to say.  Luka had been born to a Nurse and a Chef in the then small town of Queenstown, New Zealand. Steering away from her DNA, and following her heart, which was full of the rock&metal music catalogue from 60s to 90s, led her to visionary artists & psychedelic culture, tending her inner creative fire with dedication to high-school art, design and photography classes.

Our lives became intertwined after we met in a Melbourne creative warehouse in 2012. Luka was studying for a Diploma in Graphic Design & Illustration, to give herself some artistic discipline after years astray on the world; Tun was traveling with his group of brothers and artists Donker Collective, they settled in Melbourne to create a collective body of work on canvas together and organise events which marry art exhibitions with techno/house parties, which they are known for in Holland.

Joining forces as twin flames, we traveled together for three years, with our thirst to create art our guide and pursuit, brushes, pencils and liners in hand, learning from and collaborating with a kaleidoscopic cast of humankind in Asia, Australia, and Europe. The perspective-shifting, challenging experience of living the nomadic-artist life provided a plethora of inspiration and cross-cultural insights, which we poured back into our art, and our art then led us to the next dimension, which solidified as our common goal to create a physical space for collaborative creation to flourish within. An open studio space, a pop-up creative zone, in which we can shelter the sacred arts of life and those who are channeling those arts. We are manifesting, refining, taking the steps as they come, making mistakes in order to learn, meanwhile the concept is growing and unfolding like a budding flower.

We are currently based in a village (Lumsden, close to the Southern Lakes District, New Zealand). Our home and studio is set on a 1/4 acre garden, a 100 year old settlers cottage, and we are transforming the property as we live here. We quietly challenge the status quo of the conservative village, we intended with this small land to create an organic-as-possible food forest, as opposed to the well-mowed grass and ‘Round-Up’ saturated edges surrounding us. We looked at our house as an opportunity to experiment and learn about working with nature on a small scale. We learn by doing, digging, carrying, trial and error, intuition, a little research, and welcome others to join us 🙂

As well as working on creating visual art (drawings, paintings, murals, graphic design, illustration, festival installations) we are busy with plants, landscaping our land inspired by permaculture philosophy, harvesting, gathering, planting, using local, recycled and second-hand materials for our renovations and furnishings. We have accommodation available for guests, and an artist in residence. Presently we are busy parents with our little boy/apprentice/performer/koala Kaya.

We also offer retreats for creatives living/traveling in NZ, accommodation in a little cabin in the garden, studio space, sharing plenty of good food and company in exchange for helping us on our projects. We are also open to workaway/wwoofer-style help. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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